The VARION Humerus Nail System:
head saving, flexible, economical

The new VARION-System from tantum is a flexible and thereby cost effective Humerus Nail-System that is especially suited for elderly patients with poor bone quality.

The VARION-Humerus Nail-System aims primarily at keeping the humeral head. The two ascending scews allow good fixation possibility of the proximal fragments, whereby this demand is widely fulfilled.

Thus the new VARION-System with its two variations, is highly flexible compared to other existing systems. If needed, the VARION-System offers the surgeon the option to switch to a head replacement intraoperatively. The users have, thereby, the possibility to adjust their strategy towards this. Therefore, in some cases a preoperative CT scan can be omitted.

Further product features and information on the implants can be found in the brochure.