Graftys® bone substitute

Graftys® bone substitute

Graftys® Quickset is a Calcium Phosphate Cement of high viscosity with mechanical properties similar to those of cancellous bone, supplied in a user-friendly double-syringe, which is pre-filled with a powder (calcium phosphate salts and HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose (HMPC)) and with a phosphate-based (Na2HPO4) aqueous solution. Mixing of these two components in the syringe results in an injectable paste, which hardens under invivo The final product formed during the setting reaction is a calcium-deficient apatite CDA that closely mimics the mineral phase of natural bone.

Graftys® QuickSet is an innovative, safe, and fully synthetic bone graft substitute preventing any risk of transmission of infectious disease.

Graftys® QuickSet is an injectable, self-hardening, macroporous, calcium-phosphate bone void filler cement covered by patent applications in 2008.

Graftys® QuickSet is used for bone reconstructive and trauma surgery: fracture repair, extremities or pelvis, complex fractures, joint arthroplasty, tibial osteotomy. It can be injected percutaneously for a better filling of remote bone cavities, minimally invasive surgery treatment of fractures, or Bone Marrow Lesions (in Europe only). It provides an ideal osteoconductive, porous and permeable scaffold to facilitate healthy bone reconstruction.

Graftys® QuickSet fills the defect and is progressively resorbed and replaced by new bone during the healing process.

Due to the possibility of injecting the substitute it may be implemented in areas which can hardly be reached by other products.

Graftys bone substitute is indicated to be used with:

  • Frakturen des proximalen und distalen Femurs
  • Frakturen des proximalen Humerus
  • Distale Radiusfrakturen
  • Tibiakopffrakturen
  • Auffüllung nach Tumorresektio
  • Einsatz in der Revisionschirurgie

Graftys® Quickset is available in 28 countries including the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

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