Unic shoulder prothesis

Unic shoulder prothesis

The UNIC® concept has been developed as a result of the work initiated by Pr GRAMMONT 25 years ago on reversing the articulation and a global approach to shoulder pathologies. The UNIC® provides a solution for each indication, complex and unexpected, pre and intra operatively.

Be it primary, fracture or revision prothesis, hemi prothesis, total prothesis or inverse, cemented or cement-free – the UNIC shoulder system by Evolutis covers all variations.

Compared to most other manufacturers, the implantation of the UNIC shoulder prosthesis does usually require 2 instrument trays only.

Furthermore, the UNIC system offers a very simple and technical solution. The connecting element for instance does offer the possibility for adjustment for the head. You may also exchange the head entirely.

The inverse prosthesis does likewise have a great solution: the connection to the scapula is carried out by using a helical blade. This does not require any drilling, preserves the bone and thus is less traumatic.

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