EXTRON-External fixator

The EXTRON-External Fixator made by tantum provides you with a new generation of supply engineering for distal radius fractures. The EXTRON – Fixator combines all assets expected from this technology by surgeons: It is user-friendly, enables prompt first-aid during short operating periods and is primarily used on outpatients. By using fiber-reinforced synthetics, an ideal wearing comfort is attained for the patient whilst providing rigid fixation and support as well as load bearing. In addition, the EXTRON-Fixator represents a cost-effective alternative to previous Fixators.

The EXTRON-Fixator has been developed especially for unstable radius fractures. It only requires a limited number of elements with an easy assembly using an innovative snap mechanism. The EXTRON-ball and socket joints are constructed in such a way, that they feature excellent mechanical attributes interacting with bridge rods and pin, with a 30 degrees movability which enables the repositioning of the wrist to a neutral, abduct or bent position. The synthetics used ensure an unrestricted x-ray analysis and visual check of the traumatized area due to its high x-ray transparency – from every visual angle, whether from above, diagonal or sideways.

The EXTRON-Fixator is not only inexpensive to purchase but also minimizes the logistic expenses in the surgical practice and in the clinic:

  • no preparation of components
  • no storing of individual parts
  • no repeat orders of individual parts
  • no return system for worn components
  • no damage in case of system change

Whilst the Fixator components and pins for single use are supplied in sterile packaging, the instruments are available separately and for multi-use.

Furthermore, the EXTRON-Fixator provides noticeable benefits even for the patient: They continuously receive a new set which through materials utilized, is 50 percent lighter than previous sets made from metal components. With a total weight of only 115 grams, the flat surfaced designed tantum EXTRON-External Fixator provides you with a high-quality wearing comfort and the best requisites for a positive recovery.

Further product features and information on the implants can be found in the brochure.