Omega Pelvic Plate

OMEGA reconstrustion plate for pelvic fractures

It is an OMEGA pelvic plate, which allows stabilising most fractures of the acetabulum. By fixation to fixed sections of the pelvic ring, it temporarily replaces the unstable part of the circle in the area of the injured acetabulum. Through its quite large area and rigidity, it completes the repositioning and prevents further protrusion of fragments into the small pelvis area (Fig. 1 a, b).
The surgery kit consists of implants and surgery instrumentarium.


There is a set of plates designed separately for the left and for the right side. There are 4 types of plates for each side in total. Each plate differs by the number of holes and by design. Plate design and customized mechanical properties of the material allow it’s shaping. The plates are made of implant steel in accordance with ISO 5832-1; their thickness is approx. 3 mm.

Between the holes, there are thinned sections (necks) to facilitate bending for shaping of the plate. To attach the plate to the bone, plates are provided with countersunk holes for the heads of the bone screws. The fixings are also provided with holes and allow for securing the plate in a second plane after shaping. The plates are available in BASIC, ILIAC, LONG and MAXI design. All these types are available in left and right design. The dorsal side of the plate features oval holes with a special finish for easy insertion of screws to tilt up to 45 °.