The innovative locked pin of tantum

Outstandingly versatile, simple and affordable.

The THALON allows the intramedullary stabilization of a bone fracture and offers the following advantages::

  • fast healing because the blood supply is only altered insignificantly.
  • low risk of infection by closed operation technique and solid implant. After opening the entry portal, no further preparation of the medullary cavity is necessary.
  • less damage to soft tissue at nail entry point by countersinking implant

The handling in daily practice is simple. The pre-bent, flattened tip of the nail is easily inserted into the bone. At the end of the nail, a thread head is positioned, held by a circular running notch, on the nail shaft. This special suspension enables the screwing in of the self-cutting thread with a screwdriver, without turning the nail. The implant inserted into the medullary cavity is fixated in the cortex and will not dislocate during the fracture healing phase. Since the nail can be inserted completely into the bone, irritation of the soft tissue is avoided.

Indication for the THALON-Locked Pin:

As the field of use for the nail, one can imagine all indications where so far minimal invasive procedures such as a Kirschner Wire, Rush Pin or flexible nail osteosynthesis have been performed.

With the THALON-Locked Pin, the main complications of osteosynthesis, such as nail dislocation and soft tissue comprimise are primarily avoided. Due to the graduation in length in 15mm steps, within the range of 90 to 300mm, it is usable in long cortical bones as well as cancellous areas near joints.

Special areas of use of THALON:

  • Distal fibula fractures, type Weber A, B and (C)
  • Fracture of the clavicle
  • Distal fracture of the radius
  • Fracture of the ulna shaft
  • Humeral fracture as bundle nail osteosynthesis
  • Shaft fractures in children